International Symposium on Functional Materials Science
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    This proposed International symposium is for promoting collaborative research program on physical and chemical studies of functional materials under the collaboration between Indonesian researchers of 20 universities in Indonesia and some Japanese and European researchers from 10 institutions/universities. This first activity is based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between 3 Indonesian universities (Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS))and RIKEN-Nishina Center that has been signed up in Bandung Indonesia on June 18, 2008. Through this first project, we have been created the mutually collaborative research such as:

    * Development of collaborative research projects involving the use of the RIKEN’s facilities;
    * Joint academic and scientific activities (workshops and technical meetings)
    * Exchange of researchers and graduate students;
    * Joint supervision of graduate students and fostering of young scientists.

    The symposium is on the basis of MoU among RIKEN Nishina Center, ITB, UNPAD and ITS. At the beginning of the symposium, a special ceremony is arranged to renew MoU. Special invited persons (rectors from ITB, ITS and UNPAD, and the director of Nishina Center) will give talks to open the ceremony.

    We have already done a deep discussion with former director of DGHE (DIKTI), Prof. Fasli Jalal (presently vice minister), to get some advices for future strategies to make wider collaboration between RIKEN with their partner institutions in Japan and Europe and more Indonesian researchers from some universities. The suggestions from the director of DIKTI are listed below:

    * Developing a research cluster focusing on the theme that matches in both Indonesia and Japan/Europe sides.
    * Increasing the number of researchers and graduate students exchange from more universities in Indonesia.
    * Enhancing joint supervision of Indonesian graduate students which is related to the research cluster theme.

    To realize the future strategies, the first step is arranging an event for gathering between Indonesian and Japanese/Europe researcher that organized by 3 Indonesia universities (ITB, UNPAD, ITS) and RIKEN. In this event, “the seed and feed” from both sides will be elaborated and the cluster theme will be decided including the concrete planning for future activities. Therefore we are planning to make an international symposium by involving researcher from at least 20 universities in Indonesia and 10 universities/institutions from Japan/Europe.

    Objectives of International symposium

    * Gathering researchers from Indonesia and Japan/Europe to make a research cluster focusing on the theme that matched in both Indonesia and Japan/Europe sides.
    * Elaborating the seed and feed for developing mutual collaboration in functional material sciences from both Indonesia and Japan/Europe sides.
    * Facilitating the exchange program of researchers and graduate students including joint supervision from more universities in Indonesia.
    * Growing up user activities to use the RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility and RIKEN Ring Cyclotron for material sciences

    Output of International Symposium

    * Research cluster topics that contain a new and innovative theme which involve many Indonesian researchers in international and advanced research atmosphere.
    * The increased number of MoU between universities in Indonesia and universities/institutions in Japan/Europe.
    * The increased number of researcher and graduate students exchange
    * The increased number of joint supervision of Indonesian graduate students.
    * Expanding the network in materials science among the Indonesian researchers and also between Indonesian researchers and International researchers.

    Info : http://phys.unpad.ac.id/isfms/

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