Invitation from APS to Visit Physics: Free Weekly Publication
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    Selasa, 23 September 2008 (04:21 WIB) dari IP

    To: Authors and Referees of APS Physical Review/Physical Review Letters Journals

    Let me introduce you to Physics , a new, free, online publication that provides original commentary on selected exceptional papers from Physical Review Letters and the Physical Review series. Physics serves our readers, who are looking for papers of special interest either within or outside of their fields, and our authors, who seek more attention for their best work.

    In its weekly updates, Physics offers three original features:

    * Viewpoints are expert commentary on a particular paper's findings.
    * Trends are concise review pieces covering a specific field.
    * Synopses are brief summaries of important papers that merit wider attention.

    An Editorial outlines the goals of the publication in more detail. But let Physics speak for itself: for alerts and other ways to keep up-to-date with Physics, click here: Physics Email Alerts

    If you find Physics worthwhile, we ask that you forward this message to your co-authors, colleagues, and students. To provide feedback on Physics please contact us at physics@aps.org

    Gene D. Sprouse
    APS Editor in Chief

    Re: Invitation from APS to Visit Physics: Free Weekly Publication
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    Senin, 6 Oktober 2008 (10:34 WIB) dari IP

    Vist the website at : http://physics.aps.org

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