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    Conference announcement


    "The Future of Photonics, Sensor and Thin Film Science and

    September 24, 2005
    Organized by:
    Physics Department
    The University of Sebelas Maret
    Jl. Ir. Sutami 36A Solo 57126

    Background and Aims
    The Third Kentingan Physics Forum (KPF) 2005 is a general physics
    conference aims to provide a national forum for academics,
    and engineers to meet and exchange their ideas, results and latest
    research. Topics confinement has been applied to the invited
    They all will focus on the discussion of the future of photonics,
    and thin film science and technology. For parallel session, however,
    papers from different branch of Physics are invited.

    The Third Kentingan Physics Forum 2005 conference will cover:
    Atomic and Nuclear Physics
    Computational Physics
    Education Physics
    Environmental Physics
    Instrumentation Physics
    Material Physics
    Medical Physics
    Theoretical Physics

    Paper Submissions
    Papers related to the above topics are invited for orall
    Extended abstract should be submitted by email to
    kpf@fisika.uns.ac.id no
    later than July 1, 2005. All abstracts will be refereed. If
    accepted, the
    paper will be presented at 3rd KPF 2005 by the author or one of the
    co-authors. Full paper of the accepted paper should be submitted
    no later
    than August 15, 2005 by email to kpf@fisika.uns.ac.id or
    kpfthn_05@yahoo.com or by post to:

    KPF Secretary
    Physics Department
    The University of Sebelas Maret
    Jl. Ir. Sutami 36A Solo 57126 - Indonesia
    Author/s may submit more than one paper (contact KPF secretary).

    Invited Speakers

    1.Dr. Kusmayanto Kadiman*)
    (Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology)
    Topics: Indonesian Government Policy on Basic Science Research and

    2.Ahmad Marzuki, Ph.D.
    (Physics Department, UNS Solo)
    Topics: Glass Design for Ultra Low Loss Optical Fibre and Laser

    3.Dr. Muhammad Hikam
    (Physics Department, UI Jakarta)
    Topics: Teknologi Lapisan Tipis: Dari Jaman Mesir Kuno Sampai Ke
    Era Digital

    4.Dr. Ir. Irman Idris
    (Electrical Engineering, ITB Bandung)
    Topics: Konsep Jaringan Sensor Nasional Untuk Pemantauan Lingkungan)

    *) under confirmation

    Important Dates
    1st circular : April 10, 2005
    2nd circular : May 15, 2005
    Extended Abstract due by : July 1, 2005
    Announcement accepted paper : July 15, 2005
    Full paper submission : August 15, 2005
    Conference : Sept 24, 2005

    Registration Fee

    Overseas Participant* : $ 250
    Home participants
    Industry : Rp 400.000,-
    Universities/researchers (First Paper) : Rp 175.000,-
    Universities/researchers (Second Paper) : Rp 100.000,-
    Non speakers : Rp 100.000,-
    *includes a two night accommodation in Novotel Hotel - Solo,
    services :
    superior room, break fast for 2 persons, free fitness and health

    This fee cover the cost of the seminar-kit, snack, proceeding (not
    for non speakers) and lunch during the seminar.

    Copy of bank receipt should be sent to KPF secretary either by
    email or by

    The conference will be taking place at the heart of The University of
    Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Indonesia. This is a strong young university
    currently housing more than 25 000 students, located at the heart
    of the
    well-known Solo City at the brink of the reknown Bengawan Solo
    River and
    just beside Jurug Zoo. The University is just minutes from all
    part of
    Solo City and is within easy reach of Solo City airport, Solo Balapan
    train station and Tirtonadi bus station.

    Further Information
    For more information, please contact:

    Feri Adriyanto (0817251287)
    Physics Department
    The University of Sebelas Maret
    Jl. Ir. Sutami 36A
    Solo, 57126

    Phone :+62-271-663375
    Mobile phone : 081329353425
    Fax :+62-271-663375
    E-Mail :kpf@fisika.uns.ac.id or kpfthn_05@yahoo.com
    Website : http://fisika.uns.ac.id/~kpf/

    Registration Form
    The 3rd Kentingan Physics Forum
    Solo, September 24, 2005

    Name :
    Institution :

    Address :

    Phone :
    Fax :
    E-mail :

    q I would like to attend the seminar and present my paper(s), with
    title :

    I would like to use ____in my presentation
    Overhead projector
    LCD projector

    I would like to attend the seminar without any paper

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