The Alfried Krupp Fellows-Programme
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    Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald aims to appoint 3 to 6 Alfried Krupp Senior Fellows and 6 to 12 Alfried Krupp Junior Fellows during the academic year 2007/08 as well as for the academic year 2008/09

    Proposals from groups of scholars who plan to pursue an international and interdisciplinary collaborative project in Greifswald are welcome, too. Fellows will be invited either for one semester (1 October – 31 March or 1 April – 30 September) or for a full academic year (1 October – 30 September).

    Offices and accommodation in the Alfried Krupp wissenschaftskolleg will be offered to the fellows
    free of charge. The fellowships are funded according to the high expectations concerning the scientific achievements of the fellows.

    The guidelines and further particulars for the Alfried
    Krupp Fellowship Programme can be downloaded from www.wiko-greifswald.de.

    Proposals and applications for the academic year 2007/08 as well as for the academic year 2008/09 will be accepted until April 15, 2007. Applications and nominations should be addressed to the Scientific Director,

    Professor Dr hc Klaus Pinkau PhD DSc,
    Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg
    Greifswald, 17487
    Greifswald, Germany.

    If you have any questions about the Alfried Krupp Fellowship Programme, please contact the Scientific Executive of the Kolleg, Dr Reinold Schmücker,
    e-mail: reinold.schmuecker@wiko-greifswald.de

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