Tohoku University International Doctoral Program in Engineering, Information Sciences and Environmental Studies
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    The Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Sciences and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies are pleased to announce the Tohoku University International Doctoral Program in Engineering, Information Sciences and Environmental Studies and invite applicants for 2009 entry. The program was launched in 2001 through the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho) and is now in its ninth year. In this program, a wide variety of elective courses are being offered in English. Two types of scholarships are being offered as part of the program for international students with outstanding scholastic ability: Super Doctor Scholarships, aided as a support program of the Institute for International Advanced Research and Education (IIARE), Tohoku University, and Monbukagakusho Scholarships, aided by Monbukagakusho. Also, students enjoy some of the world's best experimental facilities and study along with distinguished faculty and associates to develop creative and original research that is published in highly reputed international journals.

    Candidates should submit application materials and choose a department for enrollment from the 22 departments listed below:

    1. Department of Mechanical Systems and Design
    2. Department of Nanomechanics
    3. Department of Aerospace Engineering
    4. Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
    5. Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering
    6. Department of Electronic Engineering
    7. Department of Applied Physics
    8. Department of Applied Chemistry
    9. Department of Chemical Engineering
    10. Department of Biomolecular Engineering
    11. Department of Metallurgy
    12. Department of Materials Science
    13. Department of Materials Processing
    14. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    15. Department of Architecture and Building Science
    16. Department of Management Science and Technology
    17. Department of Bioengineering and Robotics
    18. Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
    19. Department of System Information Sciences
    20. Department of Human-Social Information Sciences
    21. Department of Applied Information Sciences
    22. Department of Environmental Studies

    Candidates should also choose one from the following course groups (A-E):

    * Group A: Environmental Engineering
    * Group B: Information and Communications
    * Group C: Medical Engineering
    * Group D: Energy
    * Group E: Materials

    Twenty-five students can be admitted per year into the program, with 5 students being selected from each course group (A-E). Up to fourteen students with outstanding scholastic ability will be awarded scholarships (Figure 1)-from among applicants received, two students who have enrolled in the departments 1 through 17 (Table 1) with extraordinary scholastic ability can be specially awarded Super Doctor Scholarships; twelve other students enrolled in departments 1 through 22 with outstanding scholastic ability can be awarded Monbukagakusho Scholarships.

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