Kesempatan beasiswa ke Polandia
    Oleh : Yohanes Surya
    Rabu, 21 Februari 2007 (06:46 WIB) dari IP

    Kesempatan beasiswa.

    Bagi lulusan S2 fisika tersedia beasiswa penuh untuk program S3 di jurusan fisika di Institute Physics Polandia.
    IPK ] 3,0.

    Silahkan hubungi saya.

    Yohanes Surya

    Re: Kesempatan beasiswa ke Polandia
    Oleh : Yohanes Surya
    Kamis, 22 Februari 2007 (22:27 WIB) dari IP

    Ini penawaran dari Prof. Waldemar Gorzkowski (President IPhO).


    Note: untuk interview saya akan atur agar Prof. Gorzkowski bisa datang ke Indonesia


    Dear Yohanes,

    I have a good news for you:

    It seems that there is a chance to get two cholarships (for four years each) for the Indonesians who are willing to write their Ph.D. degree on physics in Poland. The scholarship would involve the stay expenses and the accommodation, the candidates would not pay the tuition. The scholarship does not involve any travel expenses.

    The conditions are:
    1. The candidates must speak English in degree enough for professional contacts in physics and for everyday life;
    2. They must have the title M.Sc. in physics;
    3. The age should be young enough (at the moment I do not know exact limit);
    4. The candidates should pass an interview at front of certain commission consisting of two-three persons.

    Perhaps there are still other conditions, but at the moment I do not know them. One expects that there would be about five candidates - the commission would select two persons. The interview might be organized in Poland or in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the stay and travel expenses in both cases should be paid by Indonesia.

    I hope that this is a quite interesting proposal and you might be interested in it.

    With best wishes,
    Yours sincerely,


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