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    The French Government, through the Embassy of France in Jakarta, has been providing excellence scholarships to Indonesian citizens for more than 25 years. In order to pursue its objective to improve Indonesian human resources, the Embassy of France will offer scholarships for the year 2006. These scholarships are given to government officials, lecturers, students (with a priority to those involved in a cooperation program between France and Indonesia) to undertake three kinds of training :

    Master degree (maximum duration of 2 years)
    Doctoral degree (maximum duration of 3 years, only on a shared cost basis)
    Post-Doctoral program (maximum duration of 6 months, only on a shared cost basis)


    Applicants must fulfill the following requirements :

    Minimum diploma : bachelor degree / S1.
    Fluent English.
    Less than 35 years old.
    Minimum GPA score of 3 (except for fundamental sciences - 3.5).
    2 years of working experience (except for fresh graduate students).
    Submit all the documents specified in the application form.

    Fields of studies

    1. Public administration *
    2. Urban and regional planning *
    3. Law and political sciences *
    4. Engineering (water management, agronomy, civil engineering...)
    5. Fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics) - Minimum GPA score of 3.5.

    * *Please note that these . elds of studies (1.2.3) require a minimum level of French language.*

    To get the application form, send an e-mail to To get the application form, send an e-mail to infobgf@yahoo.fr


    or download it by click the link for Application Form

    Applicants from outside Java are encouraged to apply to this scholarship program.

    The selection committee will greatly appreciate applicants who have already identified a master/doctoral program and have been in correspondence (via e-mail) with the Professor in charge of the program, as a proof of their motivation and interest to study in France.

    *Please note that applicants are not requested to get an acceptance letter.*

    The Edufrance offices in Indonesia may help you in order to find the study program that suits your project.

    Centre Culturel Franšais de Jakarta
    Jl Salemba Raya no 25
    JAKARTA 10440
    Tel. : (021) 310 18 84
    Fax : (021) 310 13 17
    Email: edufrance@ccfjakarta.or.id

    EDUFRANCE SURABAYA The International Village Universitas Surabaya
    Jalan Raya Kalirungkut
    60293 Surabaya
    Tel. : (031) 298 13 32
    Fax : (031) 298 13 33
    Email: edufrance.surabaya@edufrance.fr

    Selection procedure

    Step one :
    Selection based on the application forms and required documents submitted.

    Step two :
    Motivation interview (French or English languages only) in Jakarta.

    The Embassy of France scholarship covers

    Intensive French language course (7 months in French Cultural Center)

    Airplane tickets

    Tuition fees

    Monthly living allowance


    Application deadline

    All applications must be sent before Friday 29 September 2006 at the following address :

    Ambassade de France en Indonesie
    Service de cooperation et d`action culturelle
    Jalan Panarukan no 35, Menteng - Jakarta 10310

    *Please note that applications sent via e-mail will not be taken into consideration.*

    Source: http://www.edufrance-indonesia.com.

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