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    First announcement of ICFP2001
    Oleh : Wu Yue-liang
    Jumat, 19 Januari 2001 (01:05 WIB) dari IP

    Dear Colleague:
    Here is our first announcement about the

    International Conference on Flavor Physics

    May 31 - June 6, 2001 Zhang-Jia-Jie City, Hunan, China

    Its information is now available. Please visit the Conference homepage

    to determine your interest. There you may find more detailed information

    about the conference topics as well as application and accommodation

    We should be happy to welcome you to the ICFP2001 held at Zhangjiajie
    which is a well known tourist city and is one of the most fantastic
    in China. The unique natural wonders of the park has won it an UNESCO
    Natural Heritage site designation called Wulingyuan.

    Sincerely yours
    The Organizers


    Organizing Committee

    Institute of Theoretical Physics
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Beijing 100080, China
    Fax: 86-10-62562587




    May 31 - June 6, 2001 Zhang-Jia-Jie City, Hunan, China

    BULLETIN # 1


    The conference (ICFP2001) will take place at the city of Zhang-Jia-Jie located
    in western Hunan Province. Zhangjiajie is a well known tourist city and is one of
    the most fantastic places in China. The unique natural wonders of the park has won
    it an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site designation called Wulingyuan.
    Registration will start at the Conference Hall of the Construction-Bank Hotel on
    Wednesday, May 30, 2001. Three days are scheduled for plenary sessions and
    two afternoons are planned for parallel sessions.

    Conference Committees:

    International Advisory Committee

    A. Ali (DESY Germany) K. Kleinknecht (Mainz Univ. Germany)
    W. Bardeen (Fermilab USA) M. Kobayashi (KEK Japan)
    D.W. Chang (Tsinghua Univ. Hsinchu) Y.P. Kuang (Tsinghua Univ.)
    K.T. Chao (Peking Univ.) T.D. Lee (Columbia Univ. USA)
    H.Y. Cheng (Academia Sinica Taipei) H. Leutwyler (Bern Univ. Switchland)
    Y.B. Dai (ITP Beijing) B.A. Li (Kentucky Univ. USA)
    J.F. Donoghue (Mass. Univ. USA) A. Masiero (SISSA Italy)
    P.S. Drell (Cornell Univ. USA) J.N. Ng (TRIUMF, Canada)
    D.S. Du (IHEP-Beijing) E.A. Paschos (Dortmund Univ. Germany)
    J. Ellis (CERN Geneva) G.G. Ross (Oxford Univ. UK)
    J. M. Frere (ULB Belgium) Y.P. Shen (NUDT-Hunan)
    H. Fritzsch (Munchen Germany) A. Smirnov (ICTP Italy)
    H. Georgi (Harvard Univ. USA) Y. Totsuka (Tokyo Univ. Japan)
    L. Hall (Berkeley Lab. USA) N.Y. Wang (NSFC Beijing)
    T. Huang (IHEP-Beijing) B. Winstein (Chicago Univ. USA)
    C. Jarlskog (Lund Sweden) L. Wolfenstein (CMU USA)
    D. Jin (CAS Beijing) G.P. Yeh (Fermilab USA)
    C.W. Kim (KIAS Korea) H.H. Zhong (NUDT Hunan)
    J.E. Kim (Seoul Korea) G.Z. Zhou (CAST Beijing)
    H. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus (Max-Planck Inst.) Z.Y. Zhu (ITP Beijing)

    Organizing Committee

    Y.L. Wu (Chair ITP Beijing) C. Zeng (co-Chair NUDT Hunan)
    Y.Q. Chen (ITP Beijing) Q. Wang (Tsinghua Univ.)
    Q.X. Fang (NSFC Beijing) Z.Z. Xing (IHEP Beijing)
    C.Q. Geng (Tsinghua Univ. Hsinchu) H.P. Yang (Zhangjiajie Hunan)
    X.G. He (Taiwan Univ. Taipei) J.M. Yang (ITP-Beijing)
    M.Q. Huang (NUDT Hunan) J.M. Yuan (NUDT Hunan)
    P.W. Ji (NSFC Beijing) H.Q. Zeng (Peking Univ. )
    C. Liu (ITP Beijing) X.W. Zeng (NUDT Hunan)
    J.P. Ma (ITP Beijing) Z.G. Zhao (IHEP Beijing)
    L.Q. Sun (ITP-Administ. Secretary) Y. Zheng (HNU-Hunan)

    Conference Topics

    Flavor Symmetry
    CP Violation
    Neutrino Oscillations
    Light Flavor Physics
    Heavy Flavor Physics
    Lepton Flavor Physics
    Flavors in SUSY and GUTs
    Extra Dimensions
    New Flavors Beyond the Standard Model

    Prof. Yue-Liang Wu , Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP),
    Academia Sinica, Beijing 100080, China,
    Conference Secretary
    Ms. S. M. Wang , Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP)
    Academia Sinica, P.O. Box 2735, Beijing 100080, China , Fax: 86-10-62562587

    Conference Sponsors

    Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP)
    National University of Defense Technology (NUDT)
    National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
    Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

    Conference Proceedings

    All the sessions will be opened by invited talks related to the topic of the
    conference. Contributions presented at the conference and also some selected
    contributed paper will be published in proceedings.

    Abstracts must be received not later than 30 April, 2001.

    Board and Lodging

    Lunches and dinners will be provided at the Conference site. Meals are included
    in the conference fee.
    Participants will be accommodated in the Construction Bank Hotel
    (price for a double room --- $30 USD/night (discounted price for the conference))

    The Hotel Reservation Deadline is 30 April, 2001

    Conference Fee

    Advanced registration with registration fee of $250 USD payable in cash
    or travellers cheques. We currently cannot handle credit cards. The fee
    will cover the conference excursion (3 days) but hotel accommodation is extra.
    Shuttle service, coffee breaks, and social dinner and banque are included.
    It also covers the proceedings.

    Registration form

    The registration form is attached below, which should be received
    before 30 March, 2001. Additional charge of $30 USD will be required for
    all registrations received after that date. The number of the participants
    will be limited.

    Social Program

    The oganizers are glad to invite participants to the conference dinners and banque.
    There will be Conference Excursion organized on Saturday, June 2, 2001;
    Sunday, June 3, 2001; Wednesday, June 6, 2001

    The cost for accompanying persons is $150 USD.

    No companion program has been foreseen so far, we are ready to organize extra
    sightseeing tours in the case of interest.

    General Information

    About Zhang-Jia-Jie

    It is well known for its queer and spectacular rock formations. Over several
    thousand peaks are in various forms. The scenery is famously enhanced by
    numerous bubbling springs between swallets, and flowing streams along valleys.
    Hanging waterfalls on precipices further decorate the unique natural wonders.
    The park is also noted by rare woods and exotic flowers and uncommon trees
    making it a naturalist|APO|s paradise.

    The park generates a sense of mystery and profound serenity in misty rain
    which occurs often. After the rain, the sky clears up and the cloud rolls
    up the mountains and the mist rushes down. The peaks seem to fade into the
    clouds. Yet when the sunshine comes through the sky is high and the clouds
    are pale. In a distance the mountain forest is spotlessly clean. It appears
    as a classic water and colour painting in front of the visitors.

    There are several scenic designations in the area including Zhangjiajie,
    Suoxiyu, and Tianzi mountain. There are many famous excursions such as
    Golden Whip Stream, Yellow stone Hill, Lute Stream, Baofeng Lake, the
    Huanglong Cave (Asia|APO|s largest cave) etc.


    The climate conditions of the area are humid and warm-temperate.
    Mean annual temperature is from 12 C to 15 C, with monthly average air
    temperature 24 C to 28 C in June. The yearly precipitation is 1200 ml
    to 1600 ml with rainfall period between April and August. So taking
    an umbrella is a good choice.

    Air Transportation

    Zhang-Jia-Jie is connected by air from several big cities in China,
    such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Guangzhou, Chang-sha, Nanjing etc.
    It is advised to first fly to one of the above cites and then connect to
    Zhang-Jia-Jie city. The conference will make arrangements for
    shuttle service between the local airport and the conference site and hotels.

    More details about Zhangjiajie may be found from the web:



    Following the confererence, 8-13 June, the CCAST and ITP jointed Workshop
    will take place in Beijing. The topic of the Workshop is `Neutrino Physics
    and CP Violation|APO|. Several distingushed lectures are currently being contacted.

    REGISTRATION FORM (deadline 30 March)

    The registration form should be received before 30 March 2001.
    Registration via e-mail or fax or web is prefered.




    Male: Female:



    I am interested in attending: (yes/no)

    I plan to contribute a talk/paper: (yes/no)

    Title of the contribution:
    ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM (deadline 30 April)


    Title of the contribution:

    Abstract of the contribution:
    Accommodation Form (deadline 30 April)


    Date of Arrival: Date of Departure:

    I will be accompanied by:

    Message to the organizers:
    Thank you for completing the forms.
    Please return the completed forms by e-mail:
    (or using


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