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    Menerjemahkan buku fisika
    Oleh : Yohanes Surya
    Senin, 12 Agustus 2002 (11:33 WIB) dari IP

    Teman-teman fisikawan,

    Salah satu teman saya bersedia mencarikan dana untuk menterjemahkan sekitar
    200 buku fisika. Saya pikir ini kesempatan untuk kita semua.
    Saya lampirkan daftar buku-buku yang direkomendasikan oleh beberapa teman.
    Tolong di cek lagi. Buku yang tidak bagus akan dibuang dan diganti dengan
    buku yang lebih menarik. Fokus buku yang akan diterjemahkan adalah buku teks.


    General Physics

    1. M. S. Longair, Theoretical concepts in physics, 1986.
    2. Sommerfeld, Arnold, Lectures on Theoretical Physics
    3. Walker, Jearle: The Flying Circus of Physics
    4. Landau and Lifshitz series (classical mechanics, classical field theory,
    E&M, QM, QFT, Statistical Physics)
    5. The New physics edited by Paul Davies.
    6. The Character of Physical Law Richard P Feynman
    7. Boojums all the way through: Communicating science in Prosaic language
    David Mermin
    8. Longing for the Harmonies: Themes and variations from modern physics
    Frank Wilczek and Betsy Devine
    9. Permutation City Greg Egan

    Classical Mechanics

    10. Goldstein, Herbert Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed, 1980.
    11. Berkeley Physics Course Vol.1 Mechanics
    12. Feynman Lecture Vol. 1
    13. Symon, Keith Mechanics, 3rd ed., 1971 undergrad level.
    14. Resnick, R and Halliday, D: Physics, vol 1, 4th ed., 1993
    15. V.I. Arnold, Mathematical methods of classical mechanics, translated by
    K. Vogtmann and A. Weinstein, 2nd ed., 1989.
    16. Marion, J & Thornton, Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, 2nd
    ed., 1970.
    17. Fetter, A and Walecka, J: Theoretical mechanics of particles and
    18. Kiran Gupta: Classical Mechanics of Particles and Rigid Bodies (1988)

    Classical Electromagnetism

    19. Jackson, J. D. Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd ed., 1975
    20. Edward Purcell, Berkeley Physics Series Vol 2.
    21. Chen, Min, Berkeley Physics problems with solutions.
    22. Reitz, J, Milford, F and Christy, R: Foundations of Electromagnetic
    Theory 4th ed., 1992
    23. Feynman, R: Feynman Lectures, vol 2
    24. Lorrain, P & Corson D: Electromagnetism, Principles and Applications,
    25. Resnick, R and Halliday, D: Physics, vol 2, 4th ed., 1993
    26. Igor Irodov, Problems in Physics
    27. Smythe, William: Static and Dynamic Electricity, 3rd ed., 1968
    28. Landau, Lifschitz, and Pitaevskii, Electrodynamics of Continuous Media,
    2nd ed., 1984
    29. Marion, J and Heald, M: Classical Electromagnetic Radiation, 2nd ed.,

    Quantum Mechanics

    30. QED : The strange theory of light and matter Richard P. Feynman.
    31. Cohen-Tannoudji, Quantum Mechanics I & II&, 1977.
    32. Liboff Introductory Quantum Mechanics, 2nd ed., 1992
    33. Sakurai, J Modern Quantum Mechanics, 1985
    34. Sakurai, J Advanced Quantum Mechanics 1967
    35. Wheeler, J and Zurek, W (eds.) Quantum Theory and Measurement, 1983
    36. DeWitt, C and Neill Graham: The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum
    37. Everett, H: Theory of the Universal Wavefunction
    38. Bjorken, J and Drell, S Relativistic Quantum Mechanics/ Relativistic
    Quantum Fields
    39. Ryder, Lewis Quantum Field Theory, 1984
    40. Guidry, M Gauge Field Theories : an introduction with applications 1991
    41. Messiah, A: Quantum Mechanics, 1961
    42. Dirac, Paul: a] Principles of QM, 4th ed., 1958
    43. Dirac, Paul: b] Lectures in QM, 1964
    44. Dirac, Paul: c] Lectures on Quantum Field Theory, 1966
    45. Itzykson, C and Zuber, J: Quantum Field Theory, 1980
    46. Slater, J: Quantum theory: Address, essays, lectures.
    47. Pierre Ramond, Field Theory: A Modern Primer, 2nd edition. Volume 74 in
    the FiP series.
    48. Feynman, R: Lectures - vol III
    49. Heitler & London, Quantum theory of molecules
    50. Bell, J: Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, 1987
    51. Milonni: The quantum vacuum: an introduction to quantum electrodynamics
    52. Holland: The Quantum Theory of Motion
    53. John Von Neumann: Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, 1955.
    54. Schiff, Leonard, L: Quantum Mechanics, 3rd ed., 1968
    55. Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles by
    Eisberg and Resnick, 2nd ed., 1985.
    56. Elementary Quantum Mechanics, David Saxon
    57. Intermediate Quantum Mechanics, Bethe and Jackiw
    58. Quanta: A Handbook of concepts, P.W.Atkins
    59. James Peebles: Quantum Mechanics (1993)

    Statistical Mechanics and Entropy

    60. David Chandler, Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics, 1987
    61. R. Tolman, Prinicples of Statistical Mechanics., Dover
    62. Kittel & Kroemer: Statistical Thermodynamics
    63. Reif, F : Principles of statistical and thermal physics.
    64. Bloch, Felix: Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics.
    65. Radu Balescu Statistical Physics
    66. Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics, Abrikosov,
    Gorkov, and Dyzaloshinski
    67. Time|APO|s Arrow and Archimedes|APO| Point Huw Price
    68. Thermodynamics, by H. Callen.
    69. Statistical Mechanics, by R. K. Pathria
    70. Hydrodynamic Fluctuations, Broken Symmetry, and Correlation Functions,
    by D. Forster
    71. Introduction to Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, by H. E.
    72. Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena, by S. K. Ma
    73. Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group, by N.

    Condensed Matter

    74. Charles Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics (ISSP),
    75. Ashcroft and Mermin, Solid State Physics,
    76. Charles Kittel, Quantum Theory of Solids.
    77. Solid State Theory, by W. A. Harrison
    78. Theory of Solids, by Ziman.
    79. Fundamentals of the Theory of Metals, by Abrikosov
    80. Many-Particle Physics, G. Mahan.

    Special Relativity

    81. Taylor and Wheeler, Spacetime Physics Still the best introduction out
    82. Relativity : Einstein|APO|s popular exposition.
    83. Wolfgang Rindler, Essential Relativity. Springer 1977
    84. A P French: Special Relativity
    85. Subtle is the Lord: The Science and Life of Albert Einstein Abraham
    86. Special Relativity and its Experimental Foundations Yuan Zhong Zhang

    Particle Physics

    87. Kerson Huang, Quarks, leptons & gauge fields, World Scientific, 1982.
    88. L. B. Okun, Leptons and quarks, translated from Russian by V. I. Kisin,
    North-Holland, 1982.
    89. T. D. Lee, Particle physics and introduction to field theory.
    90. Itzykson: Particle Physics
    91. Bjorken & Drell: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    92. Francis Halzen & Alan D. Martin, Quarks & Leptons,
    93. Donald H. Perkins: Introduction to high energy physics
    94. Close, Marten, and Sutton: The Particle Explosion
    95. Christine Sutton: Spaceship Neutrino
    96. Mandl,Shaw: Quantum Field Theory
    97. F.Gross: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
    98. S. Weinberg: The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol I,II, 1995
    99. M.B. Green, J.H. Schwarz, E. Witten, Superstring Theory (2 vols)
    100. M. Kaku Strings, Conformal Fields and Topology
    101. Superstrings: A Theory of Everything ed P.C.W. Davies
    102. A Pais: Inward Bound
    103. R.P. Crease, C.C. Mann The Second Creation 1996

    General Relativity

    104. Meisner, Thorne and Wheeler. Gravitation W. H. Freeman & Co., San
    Francisco 1973
    105. Robert M. Wald, Space, Time, and Gravity : the Theory of the Big Bang
    and Black Holes.
    106. Schutz: First Course in General Relativity.
    107. Weinberg: Gravitation and Cosmology
    108. Hans Ohanian: Gravitation & Spacetime (recently back in print)
    109. Robert Wald, General Relativity
    110. Clifford Will,Was Einstein Right? Putting General Relativity to the
    111. Kip Thorne, Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein|APO|s Outrageous Legacy

    Mathematical Methods

    112. Morse and Feshbach Methods of Theoretical Physics (can be hard to find)
    113. Mathews and Walker, Mathematical Methods for Physicists.
    114. Arfken Mathematical Methods for Physicists Academic Press
    115. Zwillinger Handbook of Differential Equations. Academic Press
    116. Gradshteyn and Ryzhik Table of Integrals, Series, and Products
    117. F.W. Byron and R. Fuller, Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics
    V. 1.
    118. F.W. Byron and R. Fuller, Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics
    V. 2

    Nuclear Physics

    119. Preston and Bhaduri, Structure of the Nucleus
    120. Blatt and Weisskopf Theoretical Nuclear Physics
    121. DeShalit and Feshbach Theoretical Nuclear Physics V.1
    122. DeShalit and Feshbach Theoretical Nuclear Physics V.1
    123. Satchler: Direct Nuclear Reactions
    124. Walecka: Theoretical Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics (1995)
    125. Krane: Introductory nuclear physics


    126. J. V. Narlikar, Introduction to Cosmology.1983 Jones & Bartlett Publ.
    127. Hawking: Brief History of Time
    128. Weinberg: First Three Minutes
    129. Timothy Ferris: Coming of Age in the Milky Way
    130. Timothy Ferris: The Whole Shebang
    131. Kolb and Turner: The Early Universe.
    132. Peebles: Principles of Physical Cosmology.
    133. Black Holes and Warped Spacetime, by William J. Kaufmann, III.
    134. Principles of Cosmology and Gravitation, Berry, M. V.
    135. Dennis Overbye: Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos
    136. The big bang, Joseph Silk.
    137. Bubbles, voids, and bumps in time : the new cosmology edited by James
    138. Structure formation in the universe T. Padmanabhan.
    139. The large-scale structure of the universe by P. J. E. Peebles.
    140. Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models by Andrzej Krasinski
    141. Origins: The lives and worlds of modern cosmologists Alan Lightman and
    Roberta Brawer, 1990


    142. Hannu Karttunen et al. (eds.): Fundamental Astronomy.
    143. Pasachoff: Contemporary Astronomy
    144. Shu, Frank: The physical universe : an introduction to astronomy,
    145. Astrophysical formulae : a compendium for the physicist and
    astrophysicist Kenneth R. Lang.

    Numerical Methods/Simulations

    146. Johnson and Rees Numerical Analysis Addison Wesley
    147. Numerical Recipes in X (X|EQU|c,fortran,pascal,etc) Tueklosky and Press
    148. Young and Gregory A survey of Numerical Mathematics Vol. 1
    149. Young and Gregory A survey of Numerical Mathematics Vol. 2
    150. Hockney and Eastwood Computer Simulation Using Particles Adam Hilger
    151. Birdsall and Langdon Plasma Physics via Computer Simulations
    152. Tajima Computational Plasma Physics: With Applications to Fusion
    and Astrophysics Addison Wesley Frontiers in physics Series.

    Fluid Dynamics

    153. D.J. Tritton Physical Fluid Dynamics
    154. G.K. Batchelor Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
    155. S. Chandrasekhar Hydrodynamics and Hydromagnetic Stability
    156. Segel Mathematics Applied to Continuum Mechanics Dover.

    Nonlinear Dynamics, Complexity, and Chaos

    157. Prigogine, "Exploring Complexity" Or any other
    Prigogine book.
    158. Guckenheimer and Holmes Nonlinear Oscillations, Dynamical Systems,
    and Bifurcations of Vector Fields Springer
    159. Lichtenberg, A. J. and M. A. Lieberman (1982). Regular and Stochastic
    Motion. New York, Springer-Verlag.
    160. Ioos and Joseph Elementary Stability and Bifurcation Theory. New York,
    161. The Dreams Of Reason by Heinz Pagels.
    162. M.Mitchell Waldrop: Complexity.

    Optics (Classical and Quantum), Lasers

    163. Max Born and Emil Wolf Principles of Optics : Electromagnetic Theory of
    164. Sommerfeld, A:
    165. Allen and Eberly|APO|s Optical Resonance and Two-Level Atoms.
    166. Goodman Introduction to Fourier Optics. If it isn|APO|t in this book, it
    isn|APO|t Fourier optics.
    167. Quantum Optics and Electronics (Les Houches summer school 1963-or-4,
    but someone has claimed that Gordon and Breach, NY, are going to republish
    it in 1995), edited by DeWitt, Blandin, and Cohen- Tannoudji,
    168. Sargent, Scully, & Lamb: Laser Physics
    169. Yariv: Quantum Electronics
    170. Siegman: Lasers
    171. Shen: The Principles of Nonlinear Optics
    172. Meystre & Sargent: Elements of Quantum Optics
    173. Cohen-Tannoudji, Dupont-Roc, & Grynberg: Photons, Atoms and Atom-Photon
    174. Hecht: Optics
    175. Practical Holography by Graham Saxby, Prentice Hall: New York; 1988.

    Mathematical Physics

    176. Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, Cecile DeWitt-Morette, and Margaret
    Dillard-Bleick, Analysis, manifolds, and physics (2 volumes)
    177. Jean Dieudonne, A panorama of pure mathematics, as seen by N.
    Bourbaki, translated by I.G. Macdonald.
    178. Robert Hermann, Lie groups for physicists, Benjamin-Cummings, 1966.
    179. George Mackey, Quantum mechanics from the point of view of the theory
    of group representations, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, 1984.
    180. George Mackey, Unitary group representations in physics, probability,
    and number theory.
    181. Charles Nash and S. Sen, Topology and geometry for physicists.
    182. B. Booss and D.D. Bleecker, Topology and analysis: the Atiyah-Singer
    index formula and gauge-theoretic physics.
    183. Bamberg and S. Sternberg, A Course of Mathematics for Students of
    184. Bishop & Goldberg: Tensor Analysis on Manifolds.
    185. Flanders : Differential Forms with applications to the Physical
    186. Dodson & Poston Tensor Geometry.
    187. von Westenholz: Differential forms in Mathematical Physics.
    188. Abraham, Marsden & Ratiu: Manifolds, Tensor Analysis and Applications.
    189. M. Nakahara, Topology, Geometry and Physics.
    190. Morandi: The Role of Topology in Classical and Quantum Physics
    191. Singer, Thorpe: Lecture Notes on Elementary Topology and Geometry
    192. L. Kauffman: Knots and Physics, World Scientific, Singapore, 1991.
    193. Yang, C and Ge, M: Braid group, Knot Theory & Statistical Mechanics.
    194. Kastler, D: C-algebras and their applications to Statistical Mechanics
    and Quantum Field Theory.
    195. Courant and Hilbert Methods of Mathematical Physics Wiley
    196. Howard Georgi, Lie Groups for Particle Phyiscs Addison Wesley Frontiers
    in Physics Series.

    Atomic Physics

    197. Max Born: Atomic Physics
    198. Gerhard Herzberg. Atomic spectra and atomic structure,
    199. E. U. Condon and G. H. Shortley, The theory of atomic spectra, CUP 1951
    200. G. K. Woodgate, Elementary atomic structure, 2d ed. --Oxford : New York
    : Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1983, c1980
    201. Alan Corney, Atomic and laser spectroscopy, Oxford, New York :
    Clarendon Press, 1977

    Low Temperature Physics, Superconductivity

    202. The Theory of Quantum Liquids, by D. Pines and P. Nozieres
    203. Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys, P. G. DeGennes A classic
    204. Theory of Superconductivity, J. R. Schrieffer
    205. Superconductivity, M. Tinkham
    206. Experimental techniques in low-temperature physics, by Guy K. White.


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