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    Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology
    Oleh : Shoji
    Kamis, 11 Mei 2006 (04:08 WIB) dari IP

    Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology

    Laforet Nasu, Hotels and Resorts, Nasu, Tochigi Japan

    25 Sep (Mon) -- 29 Sep (Fri), 2006

    Web page:

    Re: Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology
    Oleh : Nasulec
    Kamis, 11 Mei 2006 (04:51 WIB) dari IP

    Dear Colleagues,

    We would like to draw your attention to a school on Particles, Strings and Cosmology, which will be held in September, 2006. It aims to survey the present status of particle physics, string theory and cosmology which are increasingly interconnected with each other. We plan to have this school once a year in 2006-2010; i.e. the school this year is the first of the series.

    This school is sponsored by Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai) and its host institutions: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK), and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan(NAOJ).

    DATE: 25 Sep (Monday) - 29 Sep (Fri), 2006

    PLACE: Laforet Nasu, Hotels and Resorts

    A number of PhD students and PD fellows from inside/outside of Japan can be supported for travel (inside Asia) and living expenses, and we encourage their applications.

    Lectures will be given on (a) LHC physics (b) Supersymmetry and its connection to the string theory, and (c) particle cosmology which address young researches of the both theoretical and experimental physics. These lectures are accompanied by discussion sessions which aim to foster each student?s understandings of the subjects.

    Lecturers/instructors will be Tao Han (Wisconsin U.), M. Yamaguchi(Tohoku U.) and M. Kawasaki (ICRR, Tokyo).
    Besides the above pedagogical lectures, there will be topical lectures on strings, experimental physics(B physics, neutrino experiments, and LHC), CMB observations. Confirmed lecturers are S. Wadia(Tata), S. Iso (KEK) on string theory and black holes, Y. Sakai(KEK) on B physics, T. Nakaya(Kyoto) on neutrino and O. Dore (Princeton) on WMAP.
    An opening lecture by Y. Kitazawa(KEK) will provide an introduction to string theory and its possible role to unify particle physics and cosmology.

    If you are interested in attending this school, send
    (1) an application form attached to this notice and (if you are a graduate student or postdoc)
    (2) a recommendation letter from your adviser.

    These must be sent no later than Jun 30, 2006 to

    The decision of travel support and admission to the school will be made shortly after the deadline and it will be notified to the applicants. The participants without the support on the local expense need to pay their lodging/meal at Nasu(4 nights), which costs less than $100/night.

    Participants are asked to arrive on KEK by the evening of Sep 24, 2006. In the morning of Sept 25, there will be a bus from KEK to Laforet Nasu, Hotels and Resorts. Nasu is a part of Nikko National Park and known by its beautiful highlands. The bus will take you to KEK again on 29th. The participants can stay at KEK lodgings on 24th and 29th. The staying expenses at KEK and the bus transportations between KEK and Nasu will not be charged to the participants. The detail of the program, the transportation to KEK will be available on our web pages shortly.

    Please check whether or not you need a visa to enter Japan or not. Ask your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission. Homepage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is found from

    Homepage of the school will be found from


    M. Hazumi, S. Iso, Y. Kitazawa(Chair), J. Nishimura, M. Nojiri, Y. Okada, N. Sugiyama

    ----- Application Form to Asian School of Particles, Strings and Cosmology -----

    *)Deadline of this application is June 30, 2006.

    (1) Last Name:

    (2) First Name:

    (3) University:

    (4) Department/Faculty:

    (5) Postal Address:

    (6) Country:

    (7) E-mail:

    (8) Fax:

    (9) Select one (Graduate Student, Postdoc, other(specify your title))

    (10) Do you need to apply for a visa to enter Japan? (Yes No)

    if yes, to make a formal invitation letter, give us
    (a) your nationality,
    (b) occupation,
    (c) date of birth, and
    (d) age.
    if Chinese, show us (e) your name in chinese characters besides
    alphabet. And
    (f) your plan of flights (date/flight number/route).

    (11) Do you need travel support from the organizer?

    if yes, specify the required amount.

    (12) Do you need local support from the organizer?

    (13) If you are a graduate student or postdoc, describe how you will make good use of this school in your research plan.



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