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    International Dennis Gabor Award 2006 : Call for applications
    Oleh : NOVOFER Foundation
    Selasa, 16 Agustus 2005 (12:09 WIB) dari IP

    The NOVOFER Foundation for Technical and Intellectual creation, under the auspices of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Informatics and Communications and the National Office for Research and Technology, announces a competition for young researchers who have already made a significant contribution to science, inspired by the achievements of Dennis Gabor (in the fields of applied physics, basic research in technology, or in studies that have established informatics), or to those areas which exploit the research achievements in the fields above (e.g. medical sciences). Applicants should be 35 years old or younger in the year of submitting the application; applicants having a Ph.D. degree or participating in Ph.D. courses would have an advantage.
    The International Dennis Gabor Award (IDGA) aims at inspiring young scientists to produce outstanding scientific discoveries suitable for practical application, and also at motivating co-operation among researchers of different nationalities.

    The Award includes a 130 mm-diameter pure silver medal prizes of 7500 USD. One applicant from Hungary and one from abroad will be chosen for the award by the 12-member International Awards Committee.
    The application, written in English, should contain the following:
    - data sheet (downloadable: indicating the name, date and place of birth, qualification, affiliation, position, address, phone- and fax number, e-mail address of the applicant; and the name, qualification, affiliation, position, address, phone- and fax number, e-mail address of the referees.
    - Curriculum vitae of the applicant including research interests.
    - A personal bibliography, noting the impact factors of journals and the number of independent citings.
    - List of patented innovations and honours (awards).
    - Unpublished manuscript of research results which constitute the major element of the application (a summary of previously published results or a Ph.D. thesis are also acceptable).
    - Copies of three papers by the applicant published in reputable journals.
    - Letters of recommendation from two researchers / professors, acknowledged experts in their scientific areas.
    The application should be submitted in both printed (one copy) and electronic format (PDF only) to NOVOFER Foundation for Technical and Intellectual Creation (address: H-1112 Budapest, Hegyalja ut 86, ill. "International Dennis Gabor Award" should be stated on the envelope and given in the subject field of the e-mail.
    Applicants will be personally notified of the receipt of the application as well as the decision of the International Awards Committee.
    Applications introducing multi-disciplinary scientific achievements are highly preferred by the International Awards Committee.
    Important dates:
    - Posting of the application: 30. April 2006.
    - Notification to applicants: 30. October 2006.
    - Award Ceremony: 14. December 2006.
    Correspondence to: Dr. Peter Baranyi, e-mail:
    telephone: +36-1-279-6111, mobile: +36-20-455-4796


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