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    Asian Fellowship Foundation
    Oleh : L.T. Handoko
    Sabtu, 8 November 2003 (11:59 WIB) dari IP

    What are the award categories?

    1. ASIA Fellows Awards
    The ASIA Fellows Awards are available for a period of six to nine months to Asian scholars and professionals selected in a two-stage open competition. They must be citizens and residents of one of the participating countries; must have a masterís or doctorate degree, or equivalent professional training and experience; must be proficient in English or in the language of the host country appropriate to the proposed research project; must have a minimum of three years of university teaching experience for scholars or five years of work experience for professionals; and must not be over 45 years old.

    The research project or the study must be done in a country/region of Asia other than the applicantís home country.

    2. ASIA Fellows Follow-Up Awards
    The ASIA Fellows Follow-Up Awards are conferred on those who have completed their fellowships to engage in further research or study at a university or other appropriate institutions in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or other Asian countries with highly-developed Asian Studies centers and well-known scholars in area studies programs for a period of three months.

    Under this category, fellows may also apply for a travel grant of up to four days to participate in international conferences so that they can share their research findings with a larger audience and to develop wider linkages with Asian specialists in other countries.

    A fellow can apply for either a study/research award or a travel award, but not for both. However, fellows who fail to get a study/research award may apply for a travel award.

    3. Asian Studies Outreach Awards
    The Asian Studies Outreach Awards are given to ASF alumni (both as a group or as individuals) to disseminate their research findings and results of their studies. Support is also provided for activities (seminars, conferences, etc.) of Asian Studies-related associations/organizations that are established (or co-established) by ASF alumni fellows.

    Proposals may be submitted by an individual ASF fellow or by a group of fellows.

    4. Senior Fellows Exchange (Not Available)
    The Senior Fellows Exchange gives support for senior area specialists or professors of Asian Studies in an area study related to the arts, culture, humanities and social sciences to be attached to an academic or research institution in any of the participating countries for a maximum period of four weeks. Senior fellows can then share their scholarship, leadership skills and capacity-building experiences with other scholars and researchers in their host institutions in the Asian region.

    Non-ASF alumni fellows may apply.

    5. Intellectual Discourse Awards (Not Available)
    The Intellectual Discourse Awards allow a group of intellectuals to write reflective papers on timely issues affecting Asia and the global community, and get together in small gatherings for a day or two in a selected Asian country to discuss and expand on their ideas. The papers may be written alone or in collaboration with another ASF fellow.

    The collection of papers may be published as a monograph after the meeting.


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