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    Call for Papers: 2nd Circular - International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, and Information Technology (ICICI) 2005
    Oleh : Dr.-Ing. Mitra Djamal
    Kamis, 3 Maret 2005 (15:46 WIB) dari IP

    Second Circular
    Call for Papers
    Deadline: March 31, 2005

    International Conference on Instrumentation, Communications and Information Technology

    Bandung - Indonesia, August 3-5, 2005


    The conference will highlight recent and significant advances in research and development in the field of instrumentation, measurements, and communications.
    It will cover all aspects of theory and practice of metrology, measurement technologies, instrumentation, communication, and related applications. The scope will include, but is not limited to theory, implementation, and application of the topic below.


    Bandung is the capital city of West Java and it is one of the best tourist objects in Indonesia and situated on the plateau in the beautiful Parahyangan Mountains with the pleasant climate.
    A social and culture program during the conference will provide the possibility to visit tourist objects surrounding Bandung, such as volcano, hot spring water, tea plantation, historical building.

    Design and Theory

    System Design, Sensor and Transducer Design, Physical and Chemical Effects, Simulation and Modeling, Control Theory, Self Test, Fault Tolerance and Diagnosis, Smart Sensor and Actuator Systems, Integrated and Intelligent System, Micro systems, Communication Theory,Innovative concepts.

    Signal Processing and Communication

    A/D and D/A, Data Acquisition, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Automated Test and Measurement systems, Self Test and Built-in Test, Pattern recognition, Neural and Fuzzy technologies, System Identification and Control, Communication Networks, Wireless Comm.: RF and IF, Power line Comm., Bus Systems.

    Systems and Applications

    Manufacturing Automation, Process Control, Automobiles Applications, Flight Applications, Biomedical Applications, Reactor Safety, Smart Home, Life Sciences, Environment, Monitoring and Control, Robotic, Automated test and Measurement, Autonomous Systems, Space Sciences.
    The Conference is hosted by:
    - Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
    - Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

    The Conference is supported by:
    - Indonesian Physical Society (HFI)
    - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    - Indonesian Society on Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Information (IECI)
    - Ministry of Research and Technology Republic of Indonesia
    - Technology Research and Application Council (BPPT)

    The Conference is organized by:
    - Laboratory of Electronics and Instrumentation, Dept. of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung (INA)
    - Institut für Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik, Universität der Bundeswehr München (D)
    The Conference's Committee:
    Conference Chairman : M. Djamal (Institut Teknologi Bandung,INA)
    Conference Vice Chairman : H.-R. Tränkler (Universität der Bundeswehr München, D)

    Honorary Chairs :
    - K.Schilling (Uni Würzburg, D)
    - M. Barmawi (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - P.J, Bosscher (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)
    - S. Soegijoko (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)

    Technical Program Committee:
    - M. Barmawi (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - P.J Bosscher (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)
    - M. Djamal (Institut Teknologi Bandung,INA)
    - French (TU Delft, Holland)
    - G. Gerlach (TU Dresden, D)
    - V. Hans (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, D)
    - G. Handayani (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - A. Konig (TU Kaiserslautern, D)
    - B. Laschka (TU München, D)
    - T.H. Liong (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - F. Puente-Leon (TU München, D)
    - Y. Ping (The National University of Singapore)
    - G. Rigoll (TU München, D)
    - H. Röck (Uni Kiel, D)
    - W. Renggono (Hiroshima University, Japan)
    - Sukirno (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - E. Schrüfer (TU München, D)
    - A. Suwandi (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - K. Schilling (Uni Würzburg, D)
    - S. Soegijoko (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)
    - J. Setiawan (Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, D)
    - H.-R. Traenkler (Uni Bundeswehr München, D)
    - L. Umar (Universitas Riau, INA)
    - W. Wahab (Universitas Indonesia, INA)
    - E. Woschni (TU Chemnitz, D)
    - Y. Yunazwin (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INA)


    Authors are requested to submit per email a one page abstract in English. Please use the Microsoft word 97 documents format with A4 paper size, single line spacing and Arial font type of size 11. The abstract should include a list of 5 keywords. Please submit the paper to the following address:

    The abstract should contain as follows:
     An outline of the problem,
     the innovation of solution, and
     the obtained results.

    Within your abstract please indicate as follows:
     The title of Paper on the top of Abstract,
     the Author’s name (underline the name of the speaker),
     mailing address incl. telephone,
     facsimile number and e-mail address, and
     Presentation systems (transparency, power point, etc).


     March 31, 2005 : Abstract submission deadline.
     April 16, 2005 : Author notification of Abstract.
     May 31, 2005 : Final manuscript due date.


    Submission of abstract implies author’s willingness to register at conference and present the papers. An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the final version will be accompanied by the registration form and payment for one of the authors. One author registration will guarantee publication of at most two accepted papers.

    Interested authors, presenters should contact the Technical Program Committee:
    Mitra Djamal (Coordinator of ICICI 2005)
    Lab. of Electronics and Instrumentation
    Dept. of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Jl. Ganesa 10. Bandung 40132
    Ph. +62-22-2500834 Fax. +62-22-2506452
    E-mail URL:

    Yes, I am interested in becoming the author / presenter of the conference.
    Tick your choice of Topics:
     Design and Theory
     Signal Processing and Communication
     System and Applications

    Company / organization:

    Line of Business:

    Tel: Fax:

    Interested participants, sponsors and for general information of the conference, should contact:
    Lab. of Electronics and Instrumentation
    Dept. of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung
    Jl. Ganesa 10. Bandung 40132
    Ph. +62-22-2500834 Fax. +62-22-2506452
    E-mail URL :


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