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    LLNL posdoctoral
    Oleh : Khairurrijal
    Rabu, 9 Agustus 2000 (12:31 WIB) dari IP

    Application Closing Date: September 15, 2000

    Lawrence Livermore National
    Laboratory has established a
    prestigious postdoctoral fellowship
    program. The purpose of the
    Fellowship is to pursue cutting-edge
    science and stimulate
    cross-fertilization of ideas. The
    Fellows will have freedom to pursue
    world class research with ample
    resources to support their efforts. This
    Fellowship has a three-year term.
    After this period, the Fellows may
    consider any career options, including
    staying at the Laboratory. Typically,
    two Fellowships are awarded each

    The Fellows will interact with
    scientists in a wide area of expertise.
    The Laboratory is committed to making
    the Fellows|APO| experience at LLNL
    positive and rewarding.

    Fellowships are awarded only to candidates with exceptional talent, credentials,
    scientific track records, and potential for significant achievements. Fellows will
    choose original and independent research in one or more aspects of science
    relevant to the competency at LLNL. Research areas may include all branches:

    Atmospheric Science
    Biological Science
    Computer Science
    Environmental Research
    Geological Science
    Laser Science
    Material Science

    There is no restriction on which branch of the above-mentioned sciences the
    Fellows may pursue; preferably, the identified research area is related to LLNL|APO|s
    science and technology goals. Successful candidates may participate in
    experimental or theoretical work at LLNL, and will have access to LLNL|APO|s
    extensive computing facilities, talents, pool of specialized laboratory facilities,
    and field equipment. There are sufficient funds to allow the Fellows to participate
    in most major conferences. A senior staff scientist will serve as a mentor to each
    of the Fellows. The Fellows will reside in the appropriate department and will
    receive full management and administrative support.

    The Fellows will most likely conduct their research in a collaborative manner with
    others in a team environment. We expect the Fellows to publish their research
    results in refereed journals, give seminars at LLNL, answer invitations to give
    scientific talks, and attend major conferences.

    Eligibility and Selection Process
    To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have received their Ph.D.
    degree within five years of being appointed a Lawrence Livermore Postdoctoral
    Fellow. Please the LLNL Employment Opportunities Bulletin for complete job

    1.Preliminary Application
    The application process requires submission of the Lawrence Livermore
    Postdoctoral Fellowship Preliminary Application (link located at the bottom
    of this page). This form will ask for several pieces of information and will
    take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. Required information includes:
    Complete resume with personal data along with publication list
    Current home, office, and fax numbers
    E-mail address
    Statement of Technical Interest explaining why you wish to pursue
    your Postdoctoral research at our Laboratory
    Names, address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three
    references (one should be the candidate|APO|s thesis advisor and the
    other two should be scientists who can speak with authority on the
    candidate|APO|s research)
    No US citizenship is required for application; however, candidates
    should be well versed on their current visa status (if any).

    2.Reference Letters
    Once Preliminary Applications have been received, references will be
    contacted to submit letters of recommendation electronically.
    These letters must be received by September 27, 2000.
    We will be contacting these references via email through which
    they will receive instructions for submitting their letters electronically.

    3.Final Interviews
    The Fellowship Committee will review your information and select
    candidates for consideration.
    Selected candidates will be required to complete a formal LLNL
    application and provide copies of any and all transcripts prior to
    interviewing at LLNL.
    Candidates will then be invited to LLNL for interview and seminar.
    A pre-employment security background check must be completed on
    selected candidates before employment offer can be made.
    When the security background check is approved, the selected
    candidate will then be contacted by an LLNL HR/Recruiting and
    Employment personnel to make an official offer for LLNL employment.
    Hire decisions will be made in early January, 2001.

    Applicants may expect selections to be made approximately three months after
    the deadline (September 15, 2000).

    Fellows will be paid a starting salary of $6,617/mo.

    Housing Information
    Information provided is to help Lab employees and prospective employees in
    locating short- and long-term rental accommodations:
    All Apartments -- a free, comprehensive apartment rental database on the
    Internet. This listing includes apartments in Livermore and local communities.
    LLNL Housing Referral -- Referrals to landlords who have chosen to offer their
    homes, rooms, apartments, etc., to LLNL employees. Please respect their
    privacy and only call these referrals if you are a current or prospective
    Laboratory employee.

    For more information about the Lawrence Livermore Postdoctoral
    Fellowship program, contact Clea Marples, Fellowship Administrator



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