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Dr. Ihsan Amin : the Third (October) Round winner of the ProIMAGE Contest 2010

NT-MDT Co. is happy to present the Third (October) Round winner of the ProIMAGE Contest 2010. Please, welcome Dr. Ihsan Amin, Germany.

Dr. Ihsan Amin is a postdoctoral researcher at the group of Prof. Rainer Jordan, Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry, Technische Universitдt Dresden, Germany.

The Dr. Amin’s research group is focused on the development of functional polymers of defined architecture, composition and functionalization for interdisciplinary research. Core fields of the applications include micro and nanotechnology, nanomedicine and synthetic biology.

Dr. Amin describes his work with the following abstract: “My main research interest is the development of “Polymer Carpets”, freestanding polymer brushes grown by surface-initiated on a crosslinked 1-nm-thick two-dimensional framework nanosheets. This work has been initiated during my PhD work at the group of Prof. Armin Gцlzhдuser, Chair of Physics of Supramolecular Systems and Surfaces, Universitдt Bielefeld, Germany, in a close collaboration with Prof. Jordan’s Group.”

The unique properties of polymer carpets (stimuli-responsiveness, optical, wetting, mechanics) may open the development of completely new integrated micro-/nanotechnology devices.

This topic was represented in the series of images, one of which gained the victory to his author. AFM-image the “Polystyrene Craters” (#92) was rated as the most interesting one according to the open on-line voting. The image was obtained by Gold series NSG10. NT-MDT Co. congratulates Dr. Ihsan Amin and wishes him success in the further scientific research!

By the decision of NT-MDT team the authors of TOP-10 images will get special prizes – one of three sets of 15 probes by NT-MDT at option.

Sumber : NT-MDT

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